Admission Open 2021

Mr. Avishek Mitra

Gandhi Institute of Management Technology,(GIMT) Kolkata is the premier management institute in India, globally recognized for imparting finest management education. GIMT Kolkata has been developing a distinctive brand of leadership, equipped to address critical challenges faced by industry and society. It is a matter of pride that the largest number of people with management education in India, have graduated from our college. The Institute’s close association with Indian industry has provided much needed ‘real life’ reference to its research and case studies and ensured that management thinking remains infused with practical relevance.

Management institutes play a vital role in the economic and social growth of a nation. GIMT Kolkata has always served the cause of nation building and responded to social-economic needs while providing path-breaking management education. GIMT Kolkata endeavours to remain at the crest of change and continue to develop management thought that addresses vital business, social and human needs. Our focus is to develop business leaders who can tackle challenges of industry by continuously working towards new challenges and situations. We emphasize on building business leaders of tomorrow and I would like to reinforce that our endeavour is to keep a balance between the education we impart and what the industry requires.

We have accepted education and training as the primary mode of serving the society at large. This should not be taken to imply by any stretch of imagination that we are grooming only future professional managers. We do understand that unless the downtrodden, vulnerable sections of society, are served to the best of our ability, we would be failing in our social responsibilities.

Our aim is to train the students, armed with the ability to work effectively and efficiently, across professional boundaries, so that they can emerge as leaders and innovators in their chosen professions. With this goal in view, the institute has been updating and modernizing its curricula to make the courses more industry- oriented. Simultaneously innovative teaching methods and aids have also been introduced, to improve the quality of education imparted. I believe, by working together in an environment of trust and support, we would be able to achieve more success and fame in the years to come.